Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 2

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After some breakfast (A hot, wet, meal in bed), we went to the reindeer barn. 

Santa’ sleight is so big, hard, red, shinny and fun to sit on.

Like our dog, Mr. Humps, cock when it comes out. We posed next to Rudolph for these pictures

There was this creepy elf!! Naughty didn’t seem to notice him.

When she let out a moan I knew she liked it.Then we went in the reindeer barn.

I posed next to this reindeer the kept trying to put its nose in my butt. Not sure what this elf was doing to that reindeer with that carrot.

The other one wanted us to get to work. He said, “welcum” and to make ourselves at home, so we did.

The barn has this really nice hay loft. I always wanted to have a rolling the hay.

But that shit is just to itchy!! So Naughty wanted to check out Rudolph again, I think she wanted to touch his huge cock.

That elf was happy and friendly!! I think those huge reindeer cocks were making Naughty horny.

That elf started touching her again. Naughty moved a little when he did.

She let him touch her anyway, I think she liked it.

To be continued..............

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