Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 3, Letter home from the North Pole

Dear, Mom and Daddy

Last night Naughty and we made this video: North PoleLesbians and posted it on for you to see we're alright here.

We went to the North Pole Times today, figuring we had blog experience, we thought this would be a snap.

The North Pole Times

 We said Hello to the elves and asked what we could help them with.

They suggested sucking their elf cocks, so we did.

We got some great cum and facials from them. They said to make ourselves at home, so we did that too.

 They liked us and we could stay as long as we wanted. I think they just wanted sex.

One had naughty sit on his desk. He had this creepy smile, I don't trust them!!

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