Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 7, Letter home from the North Pole,

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Dear Mom and Daddy,

Last night we got with 2 of Santa’s helpers and had pussy pounded good, we made this video to show you, Santa’s Naughty Helpers.

Before we left the chocolate factory they told us not to come back, something about the “special” icing getting in the chocolate.  Peeked in the workshop before going down to the chocolate factory to pick up or clothes from yesterday that we hardly wore.
We we’re played with this train after putting our clothes on.

Over the intercom we heard Santa’s voice telling us to get naked and report to the workshop.

We reported for duty, Linda was checking Santa out.

Good thing we kept our hats on, because the have a rule about that, but no rule says you can’t be naked.
 Still more!!!

This one elf was rocking out with this Guitar Hero looking guitar.

Most of the workshop is automated, so we just watched.

We really had no idea what to do. This really wasn’t for us.

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