Saturday, January 7, 2012

ADULT Pillow Pile *420 anims **HOT PROMO!!! ++ new anims!

Must Buy of the Week

This weeks Must Buy I was a little hesitate to buy (I noticed it months ago). It's one thing to pay L$20 for something and find out you should just delete it, but for me to spend L$250 on something I better get some usage out of it. I thought with a price of L$250 compared to the TNT rug we have for L$4950, I might just be wasting my money.

It turns out I wasn't and we used it in the film The Harem that will be released this coming Friday.
THE Beachstore
This pillow set has a PG-rated version that sells for L$395 and only 250 animations, which to me makes this pillow set at L$250 and 420 animations that much better.

Also this set is copyable so if you want to use them in several locations around your sim you can.

 Stills from the movie, The Harem.
A great test for animations is a threesome, it's hard enough in real life for body parts of 3 people to go in the right places and even harder on Second Life, but the Xpose engine in this pillow set does a great job.

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 Stills from the movie, The Harem.

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  1. I have this! it's so adorable, i really love it. the only thing is it has ne swap-button