Sunday, January 8, 2012

Em & Lil Studios, Behind the scenes

The Sets.

If you have every watched to the end of our movies they says  "Filmed at".
Out of the 26 movies we currently have released 19 have been filmed at Em & Lil Studios.
While shooting on location is easy in terms of no set building, in most cases it means the only thing you can bring in is what you are wearing. Which means no adding of props, no adjusting of animations and no privacy.

So here at Em & Lil Studios in addition to our 4086 Sq M sky box studio we also have a movie set lot built on top of it, which makes for swapping props back and forth for different shoots a breeze.

Today I want to show just a few of the set we had for Christmas and New Years.

The forest and Cave were used in the film: Christmas Lesbian Orgy and Pictures from the movie: Christmas Lesbian Orgy

 This Cabin set was used for the film: Santa’s Naughty Helpers and these pictorials: Santa's Naughty Helpers (part 1) Santa's Naughty Helpers (part 2) and Proper Usage of a Candy Cane

This Cabin set was used for By the fire waiting for Santa!!

 This New Year's Eve set was built inside the sky box studio and used for: New Year’s Eve, Time Square (movie) and the pictorials: New Year's Eve and Happy New Year!!!

 All of these sets have been dismantled and stored with 5 new set being built.

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