Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nerenzo Bed Malta (Review)

Shortly after I did this chair (Nerenzo Sofa Sardegna - adult version) as my “Must Buy of The Week” I talked to Vic Nerido (Owner of Nerenzo). I told him how much I enjoyed his chair and gave him a link to my blog post about it. At that time he told me he had made a bed that I would probably really like. I said I would have to try it out and he sent me one.
Nerenzo Bed Malta
 So after trying the bed out and featuring it in the movie The Harem, here we go.

When first opened I was pleasantly surprised to find not 1 but 2 beds in the box. The differentiation in the 2 beds is one does not have a canopy and the other does, one is 12 prims and the other is 24. The canopy less one can have a canopy as well by simply rezzing it from the menu, but no need to since Vic included one with a canopy.
My first thought of the bed was what setting would this bed fit in, it’s not your typical Square or round bed, it’s more of a fantasy bed. I came up with the idea of using it in a desert setting, with its canopy and covers to me it looked like an outdoors bed used to shade from the hot sun.

This bed sells in 2 different versions, one an adult bed with 627 animations and 357 poses for L$1,850 and the other a cuddle bed with 266 animations and 158 poses for L$499.

The bed has an XPOSE (version 4.0)sex engine, which is a fantastic engine, but what sets this bed apart from other Xpose engine beds is the details Nerenzo added. The bed has 8 parts you can change, with 8 textures to choose from. It also has 38 rez objects to add to the fun, the torches around the bed are 1 of the rez items. 

Also as you can see (in the pictures and the movie) the lighting was fantastic, I used no extra light only the torches that came with the bed.
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If I could change one thing about this bed, I would make the legs and cloth shields a rezz option like the canopy is. With the legs and shields I cannot see us putting this bed indoors in our bedroom, without them, yes most definitely.

One great thing I will say about Vic is that he is generous, all of his products that I have seen are all copyable, which means we can have multiples of his products all over our sim and only pay for one.

Rating:  4 of 5 Stars

Make the legs and shields a rez option so I can put it in our house and add more detail to the sub menu labels , sex1, sex2 and so on doesn’t tell me much and distracting when they are rifled through looking for the perfect pose. Then I will bump it to 5 stars, otherwise it’s more of a specialty item to be used in a fantasy setting.

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