Saturday, January 28, 2012

*Patula's House Mystery Boots

Must Buy of the Week

Today’s Must Buy of the Week, came about as Linda and I we’re putting together an outfit for a photo shoot. Normally a heels girl I need some boots to look tough in, the boots I had just weren’t doing it and the ones that came with the outfit had some alpha layer problems when looking a photo angles.
If you don’t know about alpha layers (I’m no expert) they are what makes your foot or leg invisible so whatever shaped shoe or boot goes over them doesn’t have to match your foot/leg, instead it just conceals it. When buying quality shoes & boots that is the first thing we look for, nothing like having a deformity halo around your foot/leg in a photo or movie shoot.

So when Linda said the boots I had weren’t cutting it I remembered some boots I had seen on the MarketPlace from Patula’s house for L$1. I had bought 6 pairs of her L$1 heels in the past and knew the quality was fantastic; I just never had a need for knee high boots in the past. So I when and grabbed a pair!
 Then I grabbed 6 more pairs!

 Click "Read more" for more pictures and information.

I highly recommend these boots, I mean 7 pairs of quality boots for a total of L$7 you can’t go wrong!!!

The only mystery about these boots is why they are only L$1

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