Friday, February 3, 2012

Hump-day Party (Pictures)

We had another great party, the place was packed!!
Drake (DGFilms) shot this short video!!*Stars-Club

Linda and I both shoot some pictures, I had some lag issuses while turning my camera. So I thank her for taking some while I was freezing up!!
These are hers, (post mine tomorrow)

Feb 1st Hump-day Party!

Drake, Jamezz & Evenascence

Psycho Solari, Moonie's slave, Moonie & Jamezz

Sir Flandor Xixran & Aurelia Spermia

Keith Nyn
 Please click "Read more" to see the rest


 Khal is planning to DJ a party tonight at the club from 4pm to 6pm!!
So cum on out, "Get naked" and have fun!!!

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