Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sapphic Tutoring

Khal was taking some night classes and decided  to order some books on-line. Upon receiving them in the mail, he opened up the books. In one of the texts, an envelope fell out. Inside he found a diary page & these pictures.

Kitty (meshell resident), a Junior in College, became severely frustrated while her tutor, Synitry Suzuki (synitry resident),  stood behind her closely, Trying to Understand the readings she had for the following days tests she threw the book to the side & found comfort in her tutor's Arms, but much more learning happened after that simple hug.

Khal has found such wonderful treasures like this before. Though with this one he is still quite curious as to who actually took the photos.


  1. niiiice :) loves it Great job khal :)

  2. Excellent hot serie (LOVE IT!!!), two sexy girls and great work :-)