Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lost in London

So me and Zoey go to London for the Olympics. Someone told us to take the "Tubes" or "The underground" think they meant the subway, to get around. So we go down there and I say to Zoey "Quick get naked", I was just joking but when I turn around there she is naked (what an exhibitionist).

So I take this picture of us on this bench, me pretending not to know the naked woman!!

With no one around I thought to myself, "Why not get naked too? I know this will make her horny and I know we'll have some hott sex after!"

So then Zoey says she needs to use the restroom, but all we see is the one for Gentlemen.

So we go in there, thinking no one was around. There was a guy in there, so we took some pictures with him.

 Zoey decided she didn't need to go so bad , so we sat and tried to figure out where we were and what to do next.

To be continued............

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