Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 1


A new movie series from Naughty Pixel Productions premiered Monday with the first episode of Lesbian Babysitters.

Episode 1: Featuring Kari ( karina.taurog ) as a young flirty and naughty babysitter that visits Zoey letting her think she is scheduled to babysit Zoey's kids. When Zoey tells her she isn't on the calendar and that the kids are at their grandmother, Zoey invites Kari inside to have some company. After a bit of talking Kari admits and confesses to Zoey that she came over for a different reason. Zoey doesn't know and has no idea what Kari's reason is for her visit but Zoey sure will find that out soon enough. After passionate kissing they both end up in the bedroom.

Starring: Zoey Winsmore, Karina Taurog.
Directed by: Zoey Winsmore.

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