Monday, July 8, 2013

Lesbian Babysitters Episode 4

Movie Release: Naughty Pixel Productions - "Lesbian Babysitters Episode #4"

A fantastic new movie by Zoey, great dialog, close ups and fantasy!!


Zoey is seeking a new babysitter after the previous babysitter that did work for her left and moved to another city. Ashlynn, an 18 year old girl with lots of experience in babysitting comes over to meet Zoey and to discuss about the details of the job. Being hired, Zoey asks if Ashlynn can start the same day as she has plans going out to the movies in the late evening. Ashlynn agrees and stays alone in the house, moving into Zoey's bedroom where she begins to masturbate on Zoey's bed while having an intense hot sexual fantasy being with the hot stunning redhead.
( This Fourth Episode of Lesbian Babysitters is the first movie debut for Ashlynn Jameson!!! She will return in Episode 7. )

Cast Starring     : Zoey Winsmore and Ashlynn Jameson.
Directed by        : Zoey Winsmore.

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