Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Legs Wide Spread/Hump-day Party

TODAY, The longest continuously running porn star party out there!!!

Will be the movie shoot for my new epic Legs Wide Spread, 1pm to 3pm, Wednesday, July 16th, at Legs Wide Spread Ballroom: 

This day is also the 15th anniversary of the release of Eyes Wide Shut, which is what Legs Wide Spread is made around!!!

This scene takes place in the first 20 minutes of EWS. I want to get as many of you in this scene as possible, so everyone is invited and will be named in the credits!! There are some requirements for this shoot, so please note them!!

This scene is a ballroom/party of the wealthy, not something bikers or furrys would be seen at!!

NO NUDITY!! Period!!!
Gentlemen, A tuxedo please, preferable black, white would be accepted, as an alternative. No Mohawks or unnatural colored hair, no sunglasses (it's night time) and no piercings up ears or faces.

Ladies, a cocktail dress or ballgown, preferably not a poofed out skirt from 2009 or older that the sticks out 2 meters from you in all direction. Wear something makes you look fantastic!! High heels,  please no unnatural hair colors and no piercings up ears or faces.

The women will probably out number the men, so guys please find a female dance partner and do a simple couples dance with her.
There will be a landing zone outside the ballroom, so that grey people won't be falling from the sky!! So please don't stand in the middle of the ballroom and TP people in!!!
Once you're set in your spot, or on a dance animations please don't be moving around from one side of the room to the other, you will stick out like a sore thumb and probably be edited out.

I would like to start shooting by 1:15pm so please be prompt 

This is a very important scene in the movie and a great way to be in what is sure to be the biggest and longest (104 minutes) movie of the year!!! So get your formal wear and see you there!! 
Low on funds and need a tux, click  "

Not the best Tux, but works!!! Only L$25 with shoes!!!

Click the image to go to the MP listing!

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