Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Casting Call, Legs Wide Spread Chapter 4

Extras Needed!!! 

Thursday, September 18th, 1:00pm slt at Miss Emily's Studio
 This is a Diner scene in Chapter 4, All you have to do is sit in a booth or on a stool while Zuriel (the main actor) comes into the diner and talks to the waitress behind the counter. Just like the Jazz club scene it will take around to 2 hours to film (mostly depending on how fast everyone can be seated and in place).

Wardrobe: This scene is during a breakfast rush, so I would say evening gown are out, unless you pulled an all-nighter. Just wear a basic wardrobe of working people before work, I won't be real picky about wardrobe, tattoos or piercings, just look "Alive Human". So NO undead (zombies or vamps), no furies or creatures. I know some one will push the limits to see what I will put up with and that is why I say "Alive Human" .

This is a golden opportunity to be in the biggest movie production made in SL!!! This is the movie everyone has talked about how it should be made into porn and will be the movie EVERYONE will remember!!! This movie is already Epically Legendary, not only by the porn community but by the EWS community as well!! I have people praising Chapter 1 telling me that is how they imagined the movie would be if it were X-rated, and I have been told Chapter 2 is better then chapter 1!!!

So come to the shoot it's a good way to get noticed for bigger roles and get your name in the credits!!

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