Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ritual Week, Legs Wide Spread!

Open Shoot

Legs Wide Spread is completed with the exception of the 18 minutes in the ritual hall and following orgy!
On Monday November 3rd at 1pm slt I'm shooting the ritual hall scene (just like the pictures below).
I need participants in the ritual and as big of crowd as I can get!!

We'll do the ritual at EWS sim: in the new ritual hall I built for the movie!!
Everyone can come as a visitor just pick up the free mens or women Cloak they have by the Landing Zone, and I will either hand out or have a board to pick up Full Face masks like in the movie, not the  1/2 face ones that come with the cloaks.
Come early to get your cloak and mask, and have time to get dressed!! Women, there is a hood with the cloak you must wear so you will need a hair style that's not big and wild, so plan for that!!

I need a really BIG CROWD and participants!! I know everyone wants to do porn and be in more projects, this is your golden opportunity, You can't say " I never get in any porn" if you pass this up!!!

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