Friday, November 7, 2014

2 More LWS Open Shoots

We didn't quite get done what needed to be done!!

These large open shoots are very crucial to the movie, but also very difficult and time consuming  to get everyone positioned. So we need 2 more open shoots:
Monday November 11 at 2:30pm slt for the hall scene.

Monday night, November 1lth at 10:00pm slt for the dinning room scene:
You don't need to be there for both times, they are set up to let the late nighter's have a chance rather then just shooting everything during the day. You are welcome to be in both shoots!!!

Men will need to pick up a cloak from the EWS sim so that we all match
Please pick them up before the shoots so we can start promptly. Full face masks will be handed out at the shoot.

The shoot will be at Miabell:
Anyone nude should be Tattoo free just like the original movie!!

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