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Miss Emily's Studio Tour Sets of LWS Chapter 3

Behind the scenes: The Sets of LWS Chapter 3

 MiaBell sim is the location of the main studio housing the office, where meetings and interviews are done, a tropical "nature" vegetation, where beach shoots are done at surface level.

For Legs Wide Spread I had all prior sets removed other then the hospital, to make room for all the sets I would need. There are 2 levels currently used, 2000 meters up has LWS city, where the street scenes and anything needing an exterior are shoot

3000 meters up has all the box sets and where all sets are built, Rainbow Fashions, Gillespie's Diner and The Sonata Cafe were built there and moved to the city set

Here I want to show the 9 sets you see in LWS chapter 3 that were not used in chapter 1 or 2. I don't just show up at a club and use whatever sex furniture they have, to make a movie!!!

The Gate:
Used twice, once in chapter 3 and later in chapter 4, this is Where Dr. Bill is dropped off for the ritual

 Mansion Entry:
Very simple, one camera angle set.

Click "Read more" to see the other 7 sets!!

The Foyer:
Where Dr. Bill enters
The bronze body lamps, I found the torsos, colored, added the stems and lights!

 Between the foyer and ritual hall
 Ritual Hall:
Took me more than a week to build this set.

 The hall from the ritual room:
If you were there you know it took 3 hours over 2 days to get the walk right!

Where Mandy leaves Dr. Bill

Orgy Room:
This room is way over built for the amount of time it's in the movie!!

The Dinning Room:

The Library:

Outside the library:

 Funny part here the hall Jamezz and Zuriel are suppose to go down is a dead end because of the library wall!!
 The Garden:
 Where the dream Alice explains to Bill takes place! This was added behind the woods at the gate!

If you haven't seen this chapter: 
Movie stills:
Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 3
Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 3 part 2
The movie:
Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 3

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