Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I won, I actually won!!

3 years 11 months ago I started in porn!!

When I found out about the Sexiest Awards my first year I knew I wanted one. Actress, Director, Movie or OMG could you imagine Lifetime. The first awards I knew about seemed like a completely elite group, if your name wasn’t Serenity or weren’t in her movies you couldn’t win! It was movies only then and they gave away awards for it seems 16 category’s and 10 of those were the job of the director so it seemed like Serenity herself won 10 awards that night and her cast won the other 6. I know I’m probably exaggerating and don’t have my numbers right, 4 years ago was a while back and I’m not even sure where those numbers are kept!!

I just remember wanting one of those awards and was sure I would never get one!!
This year’s awards seemed like they would never happen and it was getting to late to care about 2014! I didn’t care if I had won or lost I was sure I hadn’t but was curious to find out who did win just so we could all say “congratulations!”

Last week Emma contacted me about moving the Saturday party to the Sexiest Awards and she made sure to say “I hope you’re coming Sunday… I know you’ll leave happy!”. I think I let that go the first time, the second time I wrote back “Now you are going to have me disappointed if I don’t win best director or best movie”. Her reply to that was something like, “I can’t guaranty anything!” so I thought, “Oh great I’m getting the Old Fart Award! :(” You know the one they give out at the Oscars to the one that has been around for like FOREVER and can never win one on their own merits, like a pity award!

During the making of Legs Wide Spread (LWS), which took most of 2014, I kept saying “I better win a sexiest award for this damn thing!” and here it looked like I still wasn’t, just the “Old Fart Award”. It looked like my chances were probably over because I’m not entering Intergalactic SLUTS for 2015, it’s a series like Game of Thrones, Walking Dead or True Blood not a movie like Jurassic World. You wouldn’t pick one episode of Game of Throne and enter it in the Oscars. So instead I’ll probably enter 1 of the 5 “fun” movies I plan to make this year, which probably have no chance of winning, just a nomination would be nice.

Then I started thinking about the “Old Fart Award” the one I didn’t want, sure I wanted it at some point in my porn career but more at the end, not in the middle or in my prime! But the more I thought about it I decided it probably was the better award of the 3. You see best Movie and best Director were based off of one project; a professional could probably come in SL make a single 4 minute video and win them both and never be seen again. Whereas the Lifetime Achievement award takes time and is a look at your body of work not a 4 minute video that took 3 days to produce. So yes I am proud to win that award!!

Best Director, best Movie, Yes I wanted those both badly, it’s one thing to say “I’m the best director, I make the best movies!” but another to have the hardware to back it up!! It’s something that can never be taken away and I’m so happy to have just won them once!!

So to all of you out there that think you have no chance, keep trying and it could just happen!! 

Click "Read more" for the people I want to thank!!

I want to thank some people: 
Emma of course, The Sexiest Awards is a great annual event in SL!

The judges for watching that 100+ minute movie this year!

Serenity, her encouragement and Technical knowhow early on helped a bunch!!

Scooby Mode, a lot see him as a goof ball (and he is) but he helped me a bunch too and is like Mr. Gadget if you have an idea for something, he can probably figure out how to do it in SL and has the tool for the job!

My BFF’s Zoey, Erin and Sandy, I don’t believe I have to be the smartest just have smart people around me to run my ideas past, to tell me if this looks good and to plan with!!!

I especially want to thank Sandy (my partner) I’m very focused at times and it seems like all I do is work, she is so encouraging and is the 1st one I run all my goofy ideas past, love you!

Anyka, my technical advisor, I thought I was going to make LWS pretty simple they have the sims for it already all I had to do was shoot there! Well 1 of the 2 sims wouldn’t let the evil porn people shoot there and the other didn’t have an authentic looking Ritual Chamber, so she talked me into building all the sets for the movie and I’m happy I did!!

All of the people that “work” for me, hard to use that word when no one is getting paid but I couldn’t do all the things I do if I had to do it on my own!! On the Blog and in the Club!!

Dolan Nider, for letting us shoot the Ritual scene at his sim and use his cloaks

All  people I have worked with in the last 3 years and 11 months!! Directors and Photographers that have put me in their projects!! Stars that I have worked with or had in my movies right to the extras in my 120 movies!!! Extras are sooooo important to large projects and a great way to get your foot in the door!!

2 Years, 5 nominations, 4 awards!!!

Best Actress: Succubus, The Motion Picture
Best Director: Succubus, The Motion Picture
Best Story: Succubus, The Motion Picture
Best Story: Succubus, The Motion Picture

Best Director: Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture
Best Movie: Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture
Best Director: Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture
Best Movie: Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture
Lifetime Achievement award  

And NO I'm not retiring because I received the lifetime award!! In 2015 I still have 8 more episodes of Intergalactic SLUTS to make and 4 more "for fun" movies to do!! And a 2nd season of Intergalactic SLUTS is being planned, plus I'll be in Erins big project and appear in Zoey's next series, also in some photo shoots and some magazines!! I'm not stopping yet!!

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