Monday, June 1, 2015

Intergalactic SLUTS

An erotic space series, set 116 years in the future..... the possibility are endless!!

Starring: Emily (missemily23), Sαиd (sandonna.miggins), Zσєʏ Wɪɴѕмσʀє-Rєɪɴσɪʀ (zoey.winsmore), Racheal Rexen, Anyka Aiséirí (camron.mcmahon), Єɾιṅ Cedarbridge and Cream Release.

This series was originally planned to go 5 episodes, and if I was pleased with the final product that would be extend to 10! I am please with how everything has gone from prep, production and editing we are already planning to go 10 episodes, with an eye to go beyond that!!! 

Episode 1 will be out on Friday, we are currently filming episode 2 and have brain stormed up enough to make 30 episodes.

This is beyond porn, it's an animated erotic space series, if you don't like a story then this isn't for you! I don't expect this to win any awards I don't see how it can compare to a "movie", I'm doing this because this is where I am as a director and this excites me!! This is a completely new way of story telling for me. I have wanted to do a space series for as long as I have been doing porn, I just couldn't think of the proper way to tell the story. When the light bulb came on in my head I was so excited and we immediately started looking at sets and props, carefully picking each.
Each episode is 22 minutes (same length as a 1/2 hour show minus the commercials) I don't think anyone really has the attention span past that. It's designed much like the top shows of today (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, True Blood). Any member of the cast could die at any moment, no one is safe! It's not going to be a blood bath, but as we know in SL anyone could disappear without notice, so killing them off is plan B and I know that 10 episodes can be grueling.

My idea of this series is more formulated more around Star Trek than Star Wars. We are peacefully exploring but we can defend ourselves (Like Walking Dead). We have a main cast of 7 of the best and brightest porn stars (3 directors, 4 photographers) our duties much like Star Trek... well much more sexual. An 8th main cast member has already been picked to join us in episode 4 and we will need a large supporting cast that could have roles for 1 episode or several and must be willing to die.

We will travel from planet to planet and mostly have simple sets like the original Star Trek series. The possibilities are endless as ones imagination, other than the constrains that SL puts on us!!!

E1 stills on Thursday
Episode 1 on Friday!

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