Thursday, December 31, 2015

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Year in Reflection

Every year at this time I take the time to look back at the year ending and a little look forward to the year to come. Usually I list the names of over 100 people that took part in a Miss Emily production, this years list will be far small but just as important!!

In 2014 I had fully intended to do LWS2 in 2015, I had the sets, props and a simple story. I even did Chapters 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 in the beginning of 2015. But without a Soundtrack I was trying to come up with a way to tell an original story without using subtitles or speaking bubbles when I thought about some of the combat games I had seen and how they spell out your mission in text before you start and how Star Trek always started out with the Captain Log.

But the thought of doing Alice's Log (my character in LWS) didn't appeal to me. I had always wanted to do a space series, just again had no solution as to how to narrate the story.... until now!! So I scrapped the idea of LWS2 and looked into what I would need to do a Star Trek type series, you know peaceful people that could solve the worse of problems in a episode and move on to the next one a week later.

In 2013 I had 113 cast members, in 2014 I had 128 cast members. In 2015 I wanted less!
Yes I enjoy helping to fulfill dreams of being in a movie, but I had done my part, it was time to let someone else do that. So I picked a simple crew of 7 (just like Star Trek) and had a plan to add an 8th person in the 3rd Episode.

I had high expectations for this series and if I couldn't achieve them the series was to end after 5 episodes.  Two key element would determine the success or failure of the series. The first was how well the Captain's Log would work, could I tell the story without losing short attention spans. Second, could I get uniforms that would be incredibly sexy (it is porn after all).While editing the first episode I realized both were achieved and plans were made to go to 10 episodes which meant more cast members and a more developed. None the less we are still not near 100 cast members.

So of the 16 movies/webisodes here are the Miss Emily's Studio 2015 cast members!!

(26) Actresses:
Anyka Aiseiri (9)
Ali Lancrae (6)
MissEmily23 (13)
Racheal Rexen (4)
Partee Mytili (6)
Erin Cedarbridge (12)
Kelli Kristan
Sandy Miggins (12)
Zoey Winsmore (9)
Cream Release (9)
Zuby Gloom (6)
Katina Cazalet (9)
Adele Simondsen (7)
Marika Blaisdale (7)
Ąmia MoonBeam Edelmann (5)
Rachel Avro (4)
Traci Quandry
Luv GB 
Carly Mode 
Whimsical Aristocrat
Janis Aulder 
Aura Badger 
Brea Brianna 

(15) Actors:
Talisker Braveheart
Zuriel Bedlam
Charles Parker
Sil (2)
G  (3)
Larry Vinaver (6)
Magelo Kidd (2)
Damien Godard (6)
Scooby Mode
Edvard Taurion
Nicasio Ansar 
Jet Black
Chris C

Thank you all!!!

Click "Read more" for 2016 happenings and scrapbook photos from the 16 movie/webisodes

The 5th annual Second Life Porn Star Awards will be held on February 20, 2016. Just like they always are, the Saturday between the Grammy's and the Oscar's

Some may know that after the 5th webisode (August 28th) I kept an eye out for new talent for 2016.
I have been doing porn for over 4 years and Very VERY seldom do I put a new person in my productions anymore. I would rather let them prove themselves, come to parties, photo shoots, other peoples movies, get some experience and show that they're not just here one day and gone the next!!
About 8 women are poised to have break out years in 2016!!

Intergalactic SLUTS season 2 will start production in less than 3 weeks and stay in production for 30 weeks, which should give me some time to do some Halloween and Christmas movies at the end of 2016.


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