Saturday, June 18, 2016

Intergalactic SLUTS Behind the Scenes

The Sets

Season 2 Episode 2

This Episode has 4 sets not counting the desk the captain writes her log from.
Castle Sheschlong was the main set.
The only set at the surface level

Castle Sheschlong

1 of 8 Bedrooms, Castle Sheschlong

Same; Guest Bedroom, Castle Sheschlong

The Grand Hall of Castle Sheschlong

The Throne area of Grand Hall of Castle Sheschlong. Where most of the action happens!!
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The Intergalactic SLUTS in orbit over planet Sheschlong

The Sick Bay of the Intergalactic SLUTS played a big role in Season 1

It will again in Season 2   

Lt. Commander Simondsen Shuttle in season 1, belongs to Marika in season 2.

Most scenes interior and exterior of the shuttle are film inside the 1024 x 1024 meter green screen

The exception to that was the shuttle landing at Castle Sheschlong in Ep1, that was no special effect, just special camera work.

Cast and director after filming their shuttle scene for Episode 2

Those are the sets for episode/webisode 2 of season 2.
In 2 weeks episode/webisode 3 sets!!

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