Monday, August 8, 2016

Intergalactic SLUTS Behind the Scenes

The Sets

Season 2 Episode 4

This Episode has 3 sets not counting the desk the captain writes her log from.
Sheschlong Castle, the castles Dungeon and Mera Firelyte's Kitty Club, or the "Space Bar" as we call it.
Sheschlong Castle was used quit a bit in Episodes 1 and 2

And used again in Ep 4

Sheschlong Castle Guest room gets used again

Lt  Release spent the night here in Ep 2
The Sheschlong Dungeon, I had a ton of props for this so the hardest part was deciding what not to use.

This part of the dungeon is copied after GoT season 5 Dorne Dungeon

The never seen before Queen's Chambers

New for Episode 4

Yes it has always been part of the Castle, just not decorated!!
 Click "Read more" to see the Space Bar!!
Construction of the Bar started in January

It's a basic a Bar and a parking lot!!

A Space Truck stop

Neon is all in Italian, aliens don't speak English, but I want  language some could understand and the words aren't hard to guess.

The Neon took a day to add.

It is sorta modeled after a Denny's

The space bar will be a main Set in the next 2 episodes

Like any truck stop restrooms are important

State of the art and unisex

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