Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dog Star Productions


Isa asked me to be in a shoot for her blog Dog Star Productions and of course I said yes and she said Scotty would do the shoot!  Sure I knew Scotty, meet him at parties talked to him several times, and even casted him as the Bartender at the Mera Firelyte Kitty Club for Intergalactic SLUTS!! In fact I had just spent a few hours looking over his flickr and taking pictures from it to decorate his room for the sex scene we just filmed with Kayla Bombastic!! 
Notice the pictures on the walls!!
So hey I was excited to be in his pictures and I think they turned out fantastic!!
Isa also asked me a few question and I wrote really long answers as usual and if you would like to see that, her is a link Pictorial - Miss Emily

Lounging in bed as the sun comes up!!

 Click "Read more" to see the rest!!!
Time to get up!!

 Puts on a bikini for the day!!

Then my uniform!! Off to work saving the Galaxy!!!  

 Does this uniform make my ass look big???

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