Sunday, December 31, 2017

Second life’s Best Studio

Year in Reflection

Every year at this time I take the time to look back at the year ending and a little look forward to the year to come.
2017 was a mess of a year!! I don't usually talk about my personal RL but I will here!

Halloween 2016  I tripped over a pair of heels in the middle of my floor an broke my leg, spun my foot to where my toes were pointing the direction my heel should of been. I didn't think it would be a big deal I had broken some bones before. Well in February it turned into a bone infection which put me in the hospital for a week!! Soon I had a team of 5 doctors, and a home nurse that would visit twice a week (good insurance). The prognosis was that I would need surgery, and bed rest for 3 months.  But I delayed that because we were about to move and I couldn't leave all of that up to my GF.

So once the move was over I told my plastic surgeon to schedule the operation, turns out that wasn't a snap of the fingers like I though and by then my 6 weeks of daily IV antibiotics was up. So my Infectious Disease doctor (Guy who thinks a zombie apocalypse is going to break out any day now) pulled the plug on my antibiotics. 10 Days later I was sick again and with a fever, like back to square 1. So I talked him in to 2 more weeks of IV's thinking my surgery would happen in that time, but it didn't. So 2 weeks later he shook my hand and said I'll see you after surgery, no next appointment, no more antibiotics, just a pat on the back and "Get that surgery done." Like clock work in 10 days I was sick again, I learned to take Tylenol, every 8 hour if I felt like I needed it or not. Even had a surgery date that got cancelled because my nurse reported that I had fevers.

Finally I had the surgery, spent 6 days in the hospital then 7 weeks in a nursing home or a rehab facility as they liked to call it, because my leg had to stay flat, elevated, no weight on it dressing changed, and 1 antibiotic IV every 6 hours (4 per day) for 6 weeks. In total 224 antibiotic IV's to kill my bone infection!! I had a roommate that must of been 1/2 deaf and had the History channel on 24 hours a day, she had MS couldn't turn herself or feed herself. She kept the CNA's and nurses busy during the day and moaned "help me" for about 2 hours per evening, her speech was really bad thankfully I had my laptop and earbuds.

She got a Pulmonary aspiration, her cough tone changed and  her speech tone changed, which I had come accustomed to so I asked the nurse to listen to her lungs. Sure enough they called an ambulance and that was the last I saw of her (she didn't die, I saved her life). After that I was moved to a private room for my last 2 weeks

Then they want me to stay 2 weeks in rehab getting use to life outside of bed, I talked them into 1 week, should of been 2 because they worked me so hard and I want to prove to them I was fine, they made me so sore!!

Plus the nursing home had a porn block on their wifi so I couldn't even see my 2 blogs!! Could write in them but not see the results!!

I made 2 movies while I was sick:
Meshehd, Intergalactic SLUTS S2E8
Free Tan 
And 12 more after I got better. 1/2 of which I was in:
Baby Oil 2 
Porn✰Stars Blow Job Contest 
Shameless in D.C. Malia & Donald 
Shameless in D.C. Barack's Revenge 
Shameless in D.C., Mexico Will Pay (Mark My Words)... 
Demon & Nuns 
Motel Peeper 
Black Friday 4 
Christmas is about Cumming Together 
A Wife for Christmas 
A Cock 4 Christmas

In 2013 I had 113 cast members
2014 I had 128 cast members
2015 I had 41 cast members.  
2016; 50 cast members

For 2017 there were 54 of you
Which I would like to take the time and recognize now: 

Actress (31):
Sandonna Miggins (6)
Ali Lancrae
Amia Jordan
Kayla Bombastic
Zuby Gloom
Katina Cazalet (3)
Erin Cedarbridge (2)
Racheal Rexen (4)
Anyka Aiseiri
Brea Brianna (2)
Jezzi Mornington (2)
Lusiouspink Faulds
Janis Aulder
Tegan Moleno
Kassie Martian
Christine Ashford
Monique Lefry
Melissa Twang
Cally Janus
Elaine Moulliez
Vicki Concertina (2)
Jori Jewell
Arienne Evangeline
Aura Kira

Marikia Blaisdale

Damien Godard (3)
Larry Vinaver (4)
Johnny Whadd
Igor Romanov
Dillon lecker
Halo Ewing
Cody ( Aethmorot )
Mirko Panacek (2)
Scotty Rodgers
Bane W. Caedus (3)
Sil™ (2)
"Prince" Stephen Darney
Nicasio Ansar
Elroy Click
Alegre Albaio
Thorgal McGillivary 

So for 2018:
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I have a bunch of ideas bouncing around in my head for it, I'll start writing them down and check my notes from the previous 2 seasons for loose strings I can use, and there are a lot, also believe it of not there is a reason for their exploration and for Dr. Winsmore to be on the IGS which only a couple of people know about.


  1. Wow. Just. Wow. That is a really rough year and very glad to see you come out the other side, likely stronger and more full of life than before.

    Wishing you all the best for a better, brighter 2018.

  2. What a year, Ems! God bless you; so glad to see you back and wishing you a fabulous 2018 xx

  3. Such a fighter you are mistress, I love you dearly

  4. it was a pleasure working with you and the people who were on set with me. i look forward to seeing more of your work and as i told you befor anytime you need an extra just let me know.