Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year’s Eve, Time Square

I have only done 2 New Years Eve movies compared to the 18 Christmas movies I've done.
Here is the first one from Dec, 31st 2011.

New Year’s Eve, Time Square (movie)

In the Corporate lounge above Time Square on New Year’s Eve, 5 couples get together to enjoy the festivities happening on the streets below. A little Champagne, a little dancing and before you know it these couples are more into each other then what is going on around them.

Starring: Liltxsmile, VanHelsing Svoboda, MissEmily23, Wolf, Quinn Ying, Keith Nyn, Willow Onskan, Lestat Draconia, RachelXstacy & Jamezz Doulton.

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