Friday, February 8, 2019

1 Week from Today!!

Intergalactic SLUTS is back for it's 3rd and final season!!
12 (22minute) webisodes packed with hardcore action!!
Were picking up right where we left off with Meshehd, (S2E8) and I mean right where we left off, same day and everything!! 
Season 3 starts off with a scene between Admiral Emily and Lt. Commander Cedarbridge right after they teleported Captain Miggins & landing party down to the planet Waleias to search for One-eyed Larry in Meshehd, (S2E8) .
The  scene was shot Feb. 3rd 2017, right after we shot the teleport scene.
If you haven't been watching now is the time!! I have made sure all 18 webisodes are working properly, you have 1 week to catch up!!

Death to the Royals, Intergalactic SLUTS S3E1, will be released on February 15th

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  1. Yay..finaly is back!! ☺, i`m sure will be as great as first 2 seasons !! ♥