Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Naughty Machinima

Alright here it is, I'm not much of one to complain and I doubt this does anymore then just take up cyberspace storage, but here it is!
Naughty Machinima is a very good site with high visitors, BUT, If you upload to many or to big of videos you're told:

Your Account is Expired - Renew Now!

Choose one of the following packages to renew your account:

One costs you $4 a month the other $35 per year.
Ok I could see that if we were somehow making money off posting there, but were not!!!
I While back I exchanged Emails with Muze (the guy the owns Naughty Machinima) and he made it so we could upload more. Which was great I uploaded 3 more films before told I needed to pay if I wanted to upload anymore.

 So here is the kicker, this is also posted on NM:
Free monthly access with the following settings. Once your account reaches these limits, you will either have to pay for an account or wait until the following month for your quota(s) to reset. Thank you.

So here we are Nov 1st, I uploaded my last movie on Sept. 30th, and I'm still not "reset" as he put it.
Well here's the thing, there are a bunch of OTHER sites that will let me upload my movies for FREE!!
So I may as well list them!!!

Currently have 14 videos there: http://www.slporntube.com/profile/30/MissEmily/

Currently have ALL 17 videos there: http://video.cyberkitty.in/users/MissEmily23/videos/public

Currently have ALL 17 videos there: http://www.slutload.com/u/missemily23/

Currently have 4 videos there.

Currently have 1 video there!

The point is there are other sites out there that do not charge to post movies that we make no money off!!! I can deal with a monthly limit, but when my month is up let me upload videos like the people that are new to NM can!

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  1. The monthly limit was supposed to do exactly that - let you upload again after the month was up. Despite all my best efforts the whole thing was broken and I gave up on it. The site has been free since probably right after you posted this.

    While you make no money off of posting movies, I pay money that allows you to do just that.