Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stranded (A girls got to do who a girls got to do)

Emily was supposed to meet Linda in a nice little B&B in the mountains. Somehow she got lost and then her car gets stuck when she tries to turn around. As luck would have it she has no cell phone service in the mountains. She looks around trying to figure out what to do when she spots a cabin a short distance away. She walks over hoping to get warm, use their phone and help her get her car out.
She knocks on the door and Keith answers, she tells him her dilemma and he invites her in to get warm.
Seated is Jester, and the 2 guys tell her that if they help her they want a little ass in return, take it or leave it. With no other choice she does what they want.

Starring: MissEmily23, Keith Nyn &  JesterJ

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