Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hump-day Party

Hump-day Party
1pm to 3pm, Wednesday August 1st at Porn*Stars Night Club http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pili%20Lani/178/32/4000

Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) will be playing the music. Emily will be naked hosting the event.
Listen to some great music and see a few hotties dancing naked!! Every piece of furniture in the club has a sex menu, so cum, bring or find a friend and try everything out.

If you're new to SL Porn these parties are a great way to socialize with fellow porn stars and directors.  A great way to put names with faces, and breasts and pussys and butts and cocks!!! As always, nudity and naughtiness is encouraged! Who knows what could happen and maybe some naughty pictures (there usually are) will be take of the event and posted on this blog!! Hope you all cum and have a great time!

Monday, July 30, 2012


I wanted to do a post for, Must Buy of the Week in * SL Porn * blog, I need to take some in world pictures and needed a model to pose in a few, so who better to bring then my GF Zoey.

It was suppose to be "Quick get naked" & "Quick get dressed". But as we took the pictures in the tub I could tell the exhibitionist side of her was really coming out.

So after I had enough pictures of her in the tub, I asked her to walk around the store while I took more pictures.

Didn't take long and we were trying out a lesbian rug.

She asked me way I was still dressed, So I thought, why let her get in trouble alone if were did, after all I would probably get in as much trouble clothed or nude.
So I took my clothes off to. Then we started testing out the lesbian rug.
The next thing I knew we were having sex in the middle of the store (no pictures of that, I was busy)
All I know is I have one very hott & naughty GF!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 25th Hump-Day Party Part 2

Party Pictures

If you were at this weeks party, you might be in these pictures. If you couldn't make it you should see what you missed!!

If you're new to SL Porn these parties are a great way to socialize with fellow porn stars and directors. A great way to put names with faces, and breasts and pussys and butts and cocks!!!

As usual Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie (Deka Teardrop) did a fantastic job!!!
Link to Part 1

 Click "Read more" to see the rest!!

50 Movies by Emily


A compilation film with the footage from my first 50 movies. A celebration of my first 50 movies and the people that took part in them.

TT(3)                                                             RavenmanSkwer (2)
HannahsSerenity                                            Parkur (3)          
Jazzmyn                                                        Pump Action (2)
Quinn Ying (3)                                                Wolf (5)
Tyler St Taylor (2)                                           Lexington Ballinger (3)
Arwen  Juneberry (2)                                       Jinx Jiersen
Serenity Juneberry (2)                                     Scooby Mode (3)
Kirsten Smith                                                 Taz Rainfall
Ayara Illios (4)                                                Alex Latino
Safire                                                             Lestat Draconia (5)
Sinala                                                            Razz
Elisen Skytower                                             Thorgal McGilivary
Adayra Rebfield                                              VanHelsing Svoboda (2)
Nikki Luv                                                        Hunter Sorrelwood (2)
Chris Atolia                                                    Morpheous Shelmen
Charli Forsythe                                               Keith Nyn (3)
Rache                                                           Jamezz Doulton
Eessence                                                      Luther Blackburn (2)
Willow Onskan                                               Psycho Solari
RachelXstacy                                                 JesterJ
Cheri Collazo                                                 TaskManager
Teenah Demina (2)                                          Kain Flux
Keeley Snowfall                                              Khaild Dubrovna
Bottoms Up Zuma                                           Stefan Maldor
Moonie Teardrop                                              Torry horchester
Jasmine Skyward                                            Rob Roxley
Raelin Jestyr (2)                                              Drake Galicia
Elisen Skytower (2)
Sunny Dayz (2)
Widget (2)
CC Anton (2)
Gauge Deed
Eva Brunswick
Charlie Blackheart (2)
Kaycee Marshdevil (2)
Zoey Winsmore (2)
Samantha28 Magic
Julie Debs
ßarвíє Ghost
Breeana Presley
Talhya Sieyes
Wet Macbeth

To see these movies you can go to the Movie page here on the blog or visit SL Porn Tube.

Now time to get started on the next 50!!