Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emily & Zoey's Vacation

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This movie is a milestone for me, it’s the 50th movie that I produced and directed. Back (almost a year ago) when I started in porn Aurora was looking for men for her 50 guy gangbang movie and that movie was to mark her 50th movie, I believe. Every since then I had set my goal at 50. 

7 movies back ( 7 weeks ago) I hit the milestone of starring in 50 movies, but the true goal has been producing and directing 50.

I wanted this movie to be special, I have other movies already filmed that I could of edited and released, but I wanted the 50th movie to be just me and Zoey

So here it is # 50, Emily & Zoey’s Vacation
Starring: Porn’s soon to be next big star: Zoey Winsmore & MissEmily23

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