Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm a Hoobs Hottie

Well I'm one of 14 original Hoobs Hotties this morning just after midnight Hoobs started off his new blog Hoobs Hotties, it will be very interesting to see what becomes of it all. I hope it works out and meets his expectations!! Good luck Hoobs

Here are the names of the original 14 Hoobs Hotties:
Arwen Juneberry
'Cєđιєѕ Ştчles
Chloe Deimatov
Colleen Criss
Emeelee Rage
Emmanuelle Jameson
Kai Baby
Krystall Pearl
Meg Corral
Ræliʼn Raġє-Мuярђy
Serenity Juneberry
A group of ladies I'm honored to have my name with!!

One note Hoobs asked us to write a little something a "Bio" of sorts about ourselves. Mine seems totally like a commercial and didn't like what I wrote really, and left it up to him to change as he saw fit. So if you read it and it looks totally silly, it's because I had no idea really what to say.

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