Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sensuelle Fashion Show

Today, 1pm slt

I'm in it along with a great group of  hott porn stars / models that will be walking the runway!!
Get there early to avoid the lag and for a good view of some of your favorite porn stars!!!

A quote from one of Krystall's notice:
Come see the Beautiful Ladies Strut their Stuff down the Catwalk
We ask that you not wear heavy scripted Items to reduce the lag  :)  Thank you   and After the Fashion Show  we are having an After Party  soooo Hope to see you there
xoxo Krystallxoxo 

 During practice (yes we had that for those of you that didn't make it) I wanted to dance down the runway like they do in the Victoria Secrets fashion show, get to the end, do some spins and then take off the lingerie and toss it to the crowd!! Bend over with my ass to the crowd, my hand between my legs, fingers spreading my pink pussy open, looking over my shoulder, smile and wink to the audience. Then dance my naked ass back down the runway and back stage. Sounds good to me right??

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what all us porn girls will do back stage while waiting our turn to go??? OMG!!!

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