Monday, July 30, 2012


I wanted to do a post for, Must Buy of the Week in * SL Porn * blog, I need to take some in world pictures and needed a model to pose in a few, so who better to bring then my GF Zoey.

It was suppose to be "Quick get naked" & "Quick get dressed". But as we took the pictures in the tub I could tell the exhibitionist side of her was really coming out.

So after I had enough pictures of her in the tub, I asked her to walk around the store while I took more pictures.

Didn't take long and we were trying out a lesbian rug.

She asked me way I was still dressed, So I thought, why let her get in trouble alone if were did, after all I would probably get in as much trouble clothed or nude.
So I took my clothes off to. Then we started testing out the lesbian rug.
The next thing I knew we were having sex in the middle of the store (no pictures of that, I was busy)
All I know is I have one very hott & naughty GF!!!

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