Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Year of Blogging

We started with this post one year ago today!!!!   Stills from the making of Baby Oil

This blog was to be a back up plan to our Flickr accounts and to the lists of accomplished that we put in our profiles. It didn't take long to see we couldn't fit the info about everything we had done in our profiles and that Flickr wasn't much different then posting on the blog, other then the blog gave us more options.

So here it is 1 Year, 513 Post & 22,200 + Views later.
Much has changed in that time...... mostly for the better!!

And some not.... While I'm on the subject of not, these ads that blogger feels the need to put on every page annoy the hell out of me. Not only do they post them on the pages the public sees they also post them on the pages used to post information on the blog with a viewing audience of 1. Also I would say the majority of the ads are completely misleading and show that blogger has no integrity or censorship. Why post ads with children in them on a blog that is clearly adult only? Isn't that one of the cardinal sins of advertising, children and porn? And theses ads that audibly announce that I'm the 100,000 viewer. 100,000 viewer to what exactly?  To my blog with less then 25,000 views? Then there is the Strobe light flashing ones that say "Congratulations You are Today's ipod2 winner" ok great if I'm the winner and you know so much about me like "My computer is running slow and you can fix it" then just mail me the thing and be done with it!!!

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