Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thank You Linden Labs

I want to say thank you to the people at Linden Labs (like they look at this blog)!!

The other night I was IMed about a affiliate vendor board that wasn't working properly in my club. It just wasn't taking their money and this person was infatic that they had to have this product. So I had some time and came to check it out. The person suggested I take the board down and put it back up in a way to reset it (I had done it before with other affiliates boards).

So I take the board down and pop it back up, when you do that you have to grant permission to the affiliate to take their percentage of each sale. When I did my account was immediately sucked dry of L$9,320 (all I had in there thankfully), all my money was sent to Lawlzinho Resident. So I IMed him and chatted with no results. So I sent the affiliate owner I note card of what happened, her reply was that it was a counterfeit board of some kind and I was scammed.

So it was time to file a report with Linden Labs, I had never done a report before and a couple people told me I needed a premium account to get any results, which I don't have . But the amount I pay in tier payments each month is equal to paying for 1 years premium account. So at about 12 noon slt I went back to the scene of the crime, clicked the affiliate board and hit report. I gave a statement of what happened, the time and date it happened so they could look at my account and the name of the person that received my funds.

I really thought that would be the end of it and it wasn't about the L$9,320 that I lost as much as not being able to trust affiliate vendor boards which are a vital part of commerce on Second Life. How could I ever grant another one permission to access my account and run the risk of loosing way more L$ then I make on the affiliate?

But that wasn't the end, at 3:24pm slt (less then 3 1/2hours later) L$9,320 was added back to my account. I'm not sure what happened, Linden labs doesn't give those details, but it did restore my faith in Second Life and that the right thing can be done even if there are a few out just to steal from us all.

So THANK YOU Linden Labs, (yeah I know you read this naughty blog)

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