Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sexy Bikini Car Wash


The third movie release from Naughty Pixel Productions and the first with other cast members.
The set was completely build from scratch by Zoey on the afternoon before filming and I think it looks fantastic. I was also very honored to be one of Naughty Pixel Productions first stars.
I think Zoey will only get better and look forward to seeing here next film.

So here it is:

Sexy Bikini Car Wash

Emily and Rhi work at the Sexy Bikini Car Wash a few blocks away from their appartment. Zoey waits for them to show up but Emily and Rhi forgot about the time and arrive late. Zoey gives them a second warning and tells them to start washing the car outside. They both decide to play alittle until they get caught by the boss, Zoey thinks it is now time to give the girls another lesson not to play around while on the clock at work.

Starring: Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23 and Rhiannon Skinstad.
Directed by: Zoey Winsmore.


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