Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obsession Studios

Photo Shoot/Interview.

Recently I did a little photo shoot and interview for Dominic Dawes of Obsession Studios. Usually when you think of Obsession Studios you think of all the new comers they feature, even I look there for new talent because of how fantastic they make these girls look.

Thiffany Ansar was one such girl, I saw the shoot she did for Obsession and IMed her "I want to meet you, interview you and to wear the same look you had in the Obsession photo shoot." Thiffany was one of the stars in my last release BAD School Girls, Grades up.

I was really honored  to be in this shoot and answer Dominic's personalized questions

These are my 2 favors:

 To see the rest of the pictures and the interview, click here!!

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