Sunday, June 2, 2013


I enjoy the whimsical blog entrees that people make, some are silly, some are informative and some are people just getting stuff off their chest. So hopefully this will be silly and informative, I’ll leave get something off my chest for another time.

It’s been 5 weeks since we rented the estate sim at MiaBell and this week I finally finished the basic landscaping. During those 5 weeks we moved our studios Miss Emily’s Studio & Naughty Pixel Productions and office from the land at Pili Lani and set up our shops Porn*Star Fashions & Naughty Pixel Fashions there at the club. In moving to MiaBell new sets were built and old ones put back up. So this is a little tour of the studios, Zoey removed a large set she was using before I took these pictures, so can't show that.

The whole island, primative landscape until something more detailed is needed for a shoot.

Our shared office, open to the public. Was also used in the shooting of: Fuck My Husband

The island is set up with a large hill in the center to conceal the office from the rest of the island

Tried to make separate areas so that multiple shoots can be set up but not be seen from the other side
Separate so primitive deserted island shoots can be done and on the other side something not so primative can be done.

A lagoon for boats or water advantures
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Water feature  for  a naught  dip on a hot day

One side of the lagoon looking at the other

Clear beach area at the lagoon for whatever sets may need to be built, several beach movies are in the planning stage.

8192 Sq M lagoon, might be big enough for a pirate ship?

Movie lot in the sky

1 of Naughty Pixel Productions set used in the shooting of: Naughty Threesome..  Lesbian Babysitter 1 & Lesbian Babysitter 2 

Miss Emily's Studio porn star house, used in the shooting of: Anal Queen  The Sunglasses & Anal Virgin

Miss Emily's Studio hospital, used in the shooting of: New Head Nurse  Clinic Tour  Enlargement & Gender Reassignment Scheduled to be released on Friday June 6th

Miss Emily's Studio old school, for the first 9 BAD School Girls movies:  BAD School Girls   Start of the Day  1st Period  Midday  Locker Room  Detention  After School   Cheerleader Tryouts Study Period  I used Kirk Gamb's school, in moving to MiaBell I bought my own and used it in: Principle Blackmail

Miss Emily's Studio Route 69, used in the shooting of: Hitchhiker, Route 69

This set will have more added to it as it is planned to be used in a 7 part series

Well that is my little tour, hope it gives some insight in how we make movies, it's not just show up at some adult sim and start shooting 2 people having sex, a great deal of time and money is spent for these productions.

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  1. I know how you work, you have moved on from the finding a place and now building your sets, you have been for a long time now, and you are becoming one of the best directors out there.