Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Sex Extravaganza

Movie Stills

I wanted to release this movie on the 4th, but with RL interruptions that's not going to happen in fact it may not be released until Saturday. But I have selected 32 of my favorite screen shots from the movie and will post them over the course of the next 2 days.

I think the visual look of this movie is the best I have done in 90 movies, and hope you do to.

I invited 9 friends over for a little party on the 4th of July. We relaxed all afternoon and the fireworks start as the sun went down.
STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, xMariaAmorx, Yana Grau, Shae Bellambi, Zaria Velde, Precious Blanco, Bud Solo, Dean (Xelafaux) & HunterRose Xenno

 Click "read more" to see the rest!!

 Part 2 (after sunset) tomorrow!!

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