Saturday, September 7, 2013

100 Movies Directed

I am so proud/excited/happy and thankful about this!!

I know for many, just getting in to movies is an accomplishment, starring in 50 then100 movies was a BIG accomplishment for me, but directing 100 is HUGE!!!

There is such a difference between starring in and directing. I love starring in someone else’s movie, takes 2 to 4 hours and you are done. Where with directing it takes the same 2 to 4 hours, plus 2 to 6 hours I spend in casting, set building or location scouting, plus the 15 to 24 hours I spend editing, sound editing and uploading.

The people I would like to thank that helped alone the way. 

Emmanuelle Jameson, When I joined SL the first thing I want to do was get naked and have sex, the second thought was how could I not only have sex but show the world (Porn). So I did several Google search like: “porn Second Life “ and Emmanuelle’s name popped up several places, she was very inspiring. One way I was inspired was to make a hot looking avatar as quick as I could.

I then met Emmanuelle quite by chance at a lesbian place. We started talking/flirting and became friends, I never once asked her for help in porn, only asked her if one director was legit or any good.
She did offer this advise after I directed my 2nd movie:
 1. Buy the Fraps if u can. People don't take the films as serious with that mark.

 2. Close ups. Close ups/ Close ups
What most people do when they make films is keep the camera in one spot sort of medium wide and leave it. The better directors give u different angles and close ups give u emotions in a human face.
3. Change angles but when u do DON'T MOVE THE CAMERA for at least 20 seconds. Change angles with cuts. Unless u are really, really good, change angles with cuts and not pans or zooms. You have to be at Rysan's tech level to get away with cam moves, even i don't try them.
Only use REALLY good poseballs. Don't let things poke through other things like hair or legs. And cut out any action that isn't up to standard better to make a great 1 minute film than a bad 2 or 3 min Set the script aside for now and just try and make one minute of really good film, look at the lighting,
 look at your angles, look at your poseballs, look at your set, make sure nothing is poking, get a great fresh piece of music and cut it all down to one really good minute.
When you've done that once or twice...then try to tell a story, sort of learn to walk before u run :) 
Did u ever see my first movie? Its still on NM, It's TERRIBLE
Worst 1st movie ever!! OMG it is!!! I am not xagerating.
I am not that good technically, but i focus on good details i just try to do the best with my limited skills. I havent done one in forever!!!
Also when it comes to tech stuff...Serenity Juneberry and Scooby Mode are really nice about helping artists. She's just rediculously nice!!!

But show everyone u know how to use ligting in u films dont get caught up in story and plot, just try to piece together some really pretty film, thats hard enough :)
If u need me as a model or actress just tell me, happy to support u

At first I resented it and given the impression she thought my work was crap, but I did take her words to heart and it became the foundation of how I make movies, so I thank her for that constructive criticism.
Quinn Ying, She was the first “Big” star I had in a movie (my 6th movie), I was so nervous!! The first location I wanted to film turn out to be unusable but with her patients and help we were able to make a nice setting and get the movie shot. She is so sweet!

Serenity Juneberry,  Everyone I talked to in porn said Serenity and Arwen were the power couple of porn. So when I asked them to be in my 10th movie and they said, “Yes” I was so honored and felt if I could get them in a movie I could get just about anyone. Serenity is so nice also, most of our conversation last an hour and she is so helpful in a technical stand point. The encoder I still use to reduce file size for uploading she pointed me to, that helped a ton!!

Scooby Mode, I didn’t know what to think of Scooby to start with, I had him in my 8th movie. I knew he has done lots of movies and I kept thinking he was thinking “Does this blonde girl have a clue what she is even doing?” . Once I got to know Scooby I realize he is a bit quirky but VERY kind hearted, sweet, helpful and full of ideas. Whenever I have an idea but no way of making it work in SL I ask Scooby. Part of Scooby’s quirkiness is that he looks at things differently and has some of the wildest stuff in his inventory. Scooby also introduced me to Kirk Gamba.

Kirk Gamba, Before him my movies were mostly limited to a one set movie. It’s very difficult to make movies in a single bedroom or living room and try to tell a story. Seeing Gamba’s City opened me up to so many possibilities to makes stories. I see that time in my directing career as when I went from making just sex movies to making sex movies with a story. He opened my eyes and my mind, bring me exciting possibilities, this is where making movie series began.

Zoey Winsmore, Details, details, details, blame her for my shoots going from 2 ½ hours to sometime 4 1/2 hours. Before her I hardly ever adjusted a pose and just “went with it” now EVERY pose is adjusted. I am able to get much better close ups when the pose is adjusted to near perfection. I feel blow jobs are one of the hottest sex acts we can show in porn so having the lip warp around a cock instead of going from chin to eyeballs is very important to me.

Another point in my directing career was Dialog movies, I guess I can give Zoey credit for that to mostly in having the patients with me to spend 1 to 2 hours filming non sex scenes. That also is what started with the movie Anal Queen, 20+ minute movies. I know it’s hard to keep an audience’s attention for much more than 7 minutes, but the positive feedback I have gotten on the six  20+ minute movies I made  is fantastic.   

Speilberg,  Always in my mind shooting and editing, thinking “I need to make this up to his standards.” We all have friends that will say nice things about our movies even if they are crap, but Speilberg won’t. Speilberg is like the tough judge on those TV talent shows that everyone wants to hear good things from. That pushes me to do my best and strive to do even better.


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