Thursday, October 31, 2013


Movies from 2012

Last year Zoey and I made 4 related Halloween movies and if you missed them today is a good day to take a look back at them.
Just click the Bold tittle of each movie to play it.

Halloween 1, Fresh Meat

STARRING:  Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23 & Scooby Mode.
 Zoey  & Emily are interrupted/alerted to someone in the area. The women spring in to action, Zoey jumps on her broom and chase noob Scooby through the woods to the mansion where Emily waits for him.  She offers him a drink which transforms him in to a full size man. Dazed and confused they suck and fuck the cum/life right out of him, feeding there need.








Halloween 2, Shemale Reaper 

STARRING: Ivori Faith, Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23 & Sasha 

Sasha gets a visit before she falls asleep by the Shemale Reaper.  Next on the Reapers list is the two Wicked Witches that took Scooby’s life in Halloween 1, Fresh Meat.











Halloween 3, Return of the Dead

STARRING:  Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23, Vanhelsing Svoboda, Jeremy Winsmore & Xxjugulatorxx Foxclaw 
After drinking and building up their courage, 3 guys decide to go explore the spooky looking mansion on the hill. They find a Ouija board and when they touch it and it starts to work, two apparitions appear (the witches from the first 2 movies) they strip the men and take what they need.


This movie won Movie of the year, Miss Emily's Studio for 2012





Halloween 4, New Occupants 

STARRING: Rhiannon Skinstad, Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23 & Graham Collinson
A couple, Rhi & Graham get a great deal on an old mansion, little do they realize that the Poltergeist that live there, d

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