Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 Miss Emily's Studio Awards

Nominations announced Jan.18th for all 14 categorizes!

Last years winners were:

Best Butt: Chloe Deimatov
Best Breast: Charleenah
Best Cock: Max Steel
Best Pussy: KandyyKane
Best Orgasm: Dain Shackleton  Autumn Barbeque
Best Oral Sex: KandyyKane Make Me Gag Santa
Best Sex Scene: Black Friday
Best Newcomer: Zoey Winsmore
Best Supporting: Jeremy Winsmore
Best Supporting Actress: Sunny Dayz (sunii)
Best Actor: Scooby Mode
Best Actress: Ræliʼn Raġє (raelin.jestyr)
Best Ensemble: BAD School Girls, Detention
Movie of the Year: Halloween 3, Return of the Dead

For more information about last years awards and the list of nominees click this link Miss Emily Awards

** Note**  Someone made a comment to me that these awards are unfair only people in my studio could win. I know this person isn't of great intelligences but DUH... I thought everyone could understand that the Miss Emily's Studio Awards could only be won by people in a Miss Emily's Studio production!! Zoey and I are the judges and since we have other thing to do in SL then watch every movie or create a panel of judges, we made it very simple and judge the movies we know best (the ones we made) there is already the Sexiest® Awards for everyone in that group, not just one studio!! This is for fun just like a company party, a time to celebrate achievement these actresses and actors have done and hand out a few award along the way, no one needs to tell me how to run my block buster studio.

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