Saturday, January 25, 2014

Eligible List

2014 Miss Emily Studio Awards.

The Golden Cock

I was in a rush to put out the nominees list and didn't put together the eligibility list. These award are really about the people, an acknowledgement of professionalism if you will. The Sexiest Awards are really formatted differently then the Miss Emily Studio Award. The sexiest are more about 1 performance where as I look at an overall, Therefore the nominees for best actress or best actor are the ones that have appeared in several of my movies this year, not just 1.

If I use an actress or and actor more then once it shows they have qualities I like. For more information on what makes a great porn star click this link How to be a Great porn star .

For the body part awards: Best Breast, Pussy, Cock & Ass it's more about memory and personal taste. These people only had to be in 1 movie and stand out in my mind. I did look over the Movie Stills to refresh my memory.

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Starring:  Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23, LouSL,  Єνìղɑҽ QմƖνҽɾʂ (evinae) and Jamezz Doulton

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, Lou Moonlight, Elika E,. Jeremy Winsmore , Mr. V & Mr. Kirk Gamba

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, Casey Tisane, Stacie Swords, Ansariel Hiller, xMariaAmorx, Evangeline Laurent, Raelin Jestyr, Janisen, ElenaMicheals Core, ElikapekaEthereal & KandyyKane

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore & DaCocky (Quise Radius)

STARRING: Zoey Winsmore, MissEmily23, Andreas Datura, Evinae, Graham Colloinson, Chloe Deimatov & Stefan Maldor

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore & PolarB Fhang

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, Chloe Deimatov, xMariaAmorx, Lea Juneberry, Kirk Gamba, Bud Solo, Logan Oleary, Joe Sylvestrus, Charmer Dreadlow & Jinxian

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, April (Annyssa) & Devon Bungie

STARRING:  Mistyk, Logan Oleary, MissEmily23 & Zoey Winsmore

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore & Dean (Xelafaux)

STARRING: MissEmily23, Janet Gartner & Bud Solo

STARRING: MissEmily23, Nicole & Jamezz Doulton

STARRING: Yana Garu  & Scooby Mode

Starring: MissEmily23 , Zoey Winsmore, VelvetCush, and Giselle Bonham

STARRING: MissEmily23 & Dean (Xelafaux) 

STARRING: Charleenah, Zaria Velde, Thiffany Ansar & Kelly

Starring: Wet Macbeth, Shae Bellambi & HunterRose Xenno

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, xMariaAmorx, Yana Grau, Shae Bellambi, Zaria Velde, Precious Blanco, Bud Solo, Dean (Xelafaux) & HunterRose Xenno

Starring: MissEmily23 & Edvard Taurion

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, xMariaAmorx, Zaria Velde, Ashlynn Jameson, Kandy Starship & Katty Pegasi

STARRING: LemonSqueezes & Logan Oleary 

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, Dean & Stefan Maldor

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore & Erika Thorkveld

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore & Dominic Dawes

STARRING: MissEmily23 & Dia (masterdiabolique)

MissEmily23, Zoey  Winsmore & Andrian Sands

STARRING: MissEmily23, Woozer Paule & DarkAngel Marenwolf

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, Edgardo Wardark, Scooby Mode, Edvard Taurion, Stefan Maldor, Sil siliconvydude69, Crow Mistwalker, Zuriel Bedlam, Darkangel Marenwolf, & Jamezz Doulton

STARRING:  MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, Janis Aulder, Ashley (Amosa Sugarplum), Ashlynn Jameson (Jonnie Jameson),  Moya Moyet,  Nikki 'Nikita' Natalia (NikkiNatalia),  Summer Breeze (Naughty Feila),  SweetMelons, Deirdre Paulino

STARRING: Zoey Winsmore and Jamezz T. Doulton

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore, Shannon Zero, Trysten,  James Wolfgang & JAKUTA

STARRING: Leannan Lockjaw, Zuriel Badlam & Edvard Taurion

STARRING: Erin Cedarbridge & SiliconVyDude69

STARRING: MissEmily23, Zoey Winsmore & Mirko Panacek

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