Thursday, June 26, 2014

Casting Males

Friday, June 27th at 11am and 2pm slt

***Note: I changed the 2nd time from 3pm to 2pm! The reason for these times is because my daily shoot times are 11am til 4pm slt, I rarely start a shoot after 2pm... If you can't make it to these times you probably can't make it to my shoots times!!! Of course there are a few exceptions but the bulk of the movie will be shot sometime between 11am and 4pm slt!
This is for my Second EPIC motion picture, if you haven't seen the first and want to know what to expect then here is my first (Succubus). The movie I'm casting for will be 104 minutes not including the credits!!

This movie will be the the longest and biggest porn movie made in SL and will be the movie of the year for 2014!!
I have several Male roles I need from main actor to briefly in for 2 minutes but all are important and all will have there names in the credits!!

This is a movie of people with wealth, so just about every male role will at one time wear a tuxedo! If you have one please wear it, if you don't then please DON'T run out to buy one but do wear your best clothing outfit!!!
 As I have said the wardrobe for this movie is people of wealth, so guys please don't come cover in tattoos, piercings or with Mohawks or long hair and beards. The better you look the easier it is for my to get then best actor for each role.

Also your availability will be important, you will fill out NC's for that. The lead actor will probably be shooting 3 days a week for 4 to 6 weeks where as the 2 minute role will only be on set 1 short day.

I hope many many of your show up because this really is a great opportunity, to be in a movie you can be proud to say you were a part of!!
Shooting will start the following week!!

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