Saturday, September 6, 2014

Casting Call, Legs Wide Spread Chapter 2

Extras Needed!!!

Tuesday, September 9th, 10:30pm slt at Miss Emily's Studio
This is the final scene needed in chapter 2!! Scenes for Chapter 3, 4 and special, are beginning to be filmed but I still need this one to complete Chapter 2!!

This is a Jazz Club scene that will take around to 2 hours to film (mostly depending on how fast everyone can be seated and in place). Wardrobe is something nice, sophisticated, classy, you wouldn't go to a Jazz club in real life wearing biker or hooker clothes so please don't wear them here. There is absolutely no nudity or sex in this scene this is "story part" that ties sex scenes together.

I usually don't shoot scenes that need extras at this time, because most people then are more talk then action. People will whine for an hour how they never get in a movie and when the opportunity comes they aren't there at all. Others will say: "no sex... no nudity... why bother? I want to be a star!" well when the time comes that I need to cast for bigger parts in other movies I will remember those that took there time to be extras and those that didn't because it's beneath them!

This is a golden opportunity for you late nighters (in the Americas) and early morningers (in Europe) to be in the biggest movie production made in SL!!! This is the movie everyone has talked about how it should be made into porn and will be the movie EVERYONE will remember!!! This movie is already Epically Legendary, not only by the porn community but by the EWS community as well!! I have people praising Chapter 1 telling me that is how they imagined the movie would be if it were X-rated, and Chapter 2 stands to be just as good and even add some story twists that are sure to be a bit jaw dropping!!!

So lets see who shows up at this shoot time or if I'll regret even trying at this time. I put a lot of work into making this movie the best I can, so please show up looking the best you can!!

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