Monday, September 1, 2014

Elvendon Hall, Suffolk, England

Elvendon Hall set for chapter three of "Legs Wide Spread."

This is where the Ritual take place, the scene that stands out in everyone's mind when they think of Eyes Wide Shut, even though it was only seen on film for 18 minutes of the 153 minute movie.
 The level of detail in this Mansion is fantastic, and not something I can match in SL. But I did my best to recreate the architecture of the hall and better then the ritual hall I have seen at a EWS sim in SL.
 Anyka is my technical advisory for this movie and the one that really convinced me to build this hall.
So for that reason I showed it to her first and snapped these pictures as she did the iconic Mandy pose.
 For more pictures of Anyka and the hall, click "Read more"!!!

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