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Miss Emily's Studio Tour Sets of LWS Chapter 2

Behind the scenes: The Sets of LWS Chapter 2

  MiaBell sim is the location of the main studio housing the office, where meetings and interviews are done, a tropical "nature" vegetation, where beach shoots are done at surface level.

For Legs Wide Spread I had all prior sets removed other then the hospital, to make room for all the sets I would need. There are 2 levels currently used, 2000 meters up has LWS city, where the street scenes and anything needing an exterior are shoot

3000 meters up has all the box sets and where all sets are built, Rainbow Fashions, Gillespie's Diner and The Sonata Cafe were built there and moved to the city set

Here I want to show the 6 sets you see in LWS chapter 2 that were not used in chapter 1. I don't just show up at a club and use whatever sex furniture they have, to make a movie!!!

Nathenson's Hall :
The hall is used twice in chapter 2, once when Dr Harper walks down it and a second time when Carl walks down it giving Marion and Dr. Bill time to dress. Paintings line the walls!!

Lou Nathenson's Bedroom:
Where Marion and Dr. Haper have sex on the bed with the dead Mr. Nathenson.

Click "Read more" to see the other 4 sets!!

Smaller then you would think. After Dr. Harper leaves the Nathenson's he takes a walk to clear his head. Tosh and his cock were one of the the little surprises I add rather then just having Domino stand on the corner.

Domino & Sally's Apartment:
Sally's not in chapter one, she appears in chapter 4 but the two are roommates.
The only store bought movie set, with a little personalization.
The bed has a pull back blanket/bed spread, so it inspired me to drop 8 used condoms in and around it that could only be seen when the blanket/bed spread were pulled back. After all they are hookers!

Sonata Jazz Club:
After Dr. Harper leaves Domino he goes for another walk this time finding himself at the Sanata Jazz Club where his old friend Nick Nightingale is playing. This is a 2 part set the facade is in the city and the interior is at the 3000 meter level

The marquee had a yellow page with writing. This writing  is my cast list written after chapter 1
The interior in the city goes nowhere
 This is the outside of the interior at the 3000 meter level
 And the inside

Rainbow Fashions: Sort of 2 sets with the hallway being one and the store being the other. I wanted to use an EWS sim for this, the city and the Santana club but they would not grant me permission to film there. So I built these sets myself and they turned out better!!

Yep just a set with a building on top of it

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