Friday, November 21, 2014

Legs Wide Spread, Chapter 3


After getting a costume Dr. Bill Haper goes the the address Nick gave him. He uses the password to get on and sees things that few seldom see. The masked woman warns and when he is found out she saves his neck. In shock he returns home to his sleeping wife Alice whom he wakes from a bad dream, she goes on to tell him about it!!

You may think you know this movie, but not like this in explicit hardcore action!!
This isn't your normal Second Life porn video!!

CAST Chapter 3

Zuriel Bedlam
JC Ziplon ŢȞФŖ  
Tosh Fitzcarraldo  
Shadow Walker
missy nicole
Antonio Toocool  
Dillon Lecker
Dolan Nider

Kelli Kristan-Jameson
Jamezz Doulton
Lethal Fireguard
Zoey Winsmore
Bella Soulstar Draconis
Anyka Aiseiri
Talisker Braveheart
Traci Quandry- Marabana
Selina Anatra
Janett Raymaker
Racheal Rexen
JayJay Moyet  
Onisa Lundquist  
Rene31 Aeon  
Charles Parker  
Missy Lovesu
Lexi Rose Khaleesi Marshe
Richard King  
Barry Bonetto
Adisa Serenity

Epipheny Nitely
Gina Basevi
Marinazui Lisle
Justine MaCallen
Tara Lefevre
Marisa  Cherie
Michael Strange
Indygo Magic
Sybil Johnson
Patty Tisane
Maximillian Release
Scooby Mode
Jagger Draconis
EZ Walsh
Cream Release
Lexi Fizzle
Wednesday Balhaus
Erin Cedarbridge
Alexus Minotaur
Partee Mytill
Acey Heart
Lord Bane
Vex Crime
Kalika Draconis
Wang Ying
Stacia Reinoir

A cast of 77

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This was the most difficult chapter of the 4, when I was planning this movie I had never intended to build so many sets!! I thought I would use EWS sims and maybe build 5 or 6 sets, but the EWS sim I wanted to use for the city and non sex scenes deigned my request to shoot there, so LWS city was built.  As the building progressed and got more detailed then I had planned, I was talked in to building the Ritual Hall seen in this chapter. Once the Ritual Hall was built I was then talked into building the entire Mansion set that the orgy takes place in, also in this chapter!!

The Ritual Hall and the Mansion sets that went with it took 6 weeks to build, during that time I shoot and edited Chapter 4. I had planned on shooting the Ritual and Orgy that followed in 4 days (Ritual Week), as it turned out shoots that I expected to have 2 scenes in them only had time for 1, which stretched in to 8 days of shoots. When your shoots stretch from 4 to 8 the difficulty of getting all the key actors on set doubles, there are certain characters that all have to be on set at the same time and some that can be worked around. So what I planned to be 1 week of shooting, stretched in 3 weeks of shooting.

I would like to thank EVERYONE that came to these shoots as extras!! It is so much easier to shoot a movie with 5 to 10 people in it or make an army of alts. But these scenes look so much better with these large group shoots!! The difficulty with them aside from getting everyone in position, and people crashing is the lag that comes with the large groups, the actors have a hard time walking or moving and on my viewer things don't rezz fast enough or at times even flicker on and off  (Cloaks and Hoods)!!

Also the Hall Walk,  due to technical difficulties took 3hours to shoot over the course of 2 days!! Thank you all for being patient during that whole mess!! And for the one that decided to go off on me in IM's about it and how she didn't know she was going to be just and extra, only wants to be a lead actress and would have never came had she of taken the time to read the info I provided!!! I am sorry for wasting your time and ruining your life!!! I had intended on making it up to you (for not making the film) by giving you a leading role in a future movie but as you made clear to me what you think of me in IM's, I will not be doing that!! I will be giving those roles to people that appreciate them, have patients and aren't divas before being in a single movie!!

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