Thursday, January 15, 2015

Legs Wide Spread Chapter 1.5

Movie Stills

Just when you thought, "Thank goodness she is done with Legs Wide Spread!!!"

This is Chapter 1.5!! 1.5 you ask?  Well because it fits right in between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 when I was releasing them one chapter at a time!!
We filmed this on August 11, 2014  the day before we shoot the first scene of Chapter 2, knowing that it would come out after the final full length movie!!

In Legs Wide Spread, The Motion Picture  Dr. Harford receives a phone call notifying him that Lou Nathanson had passed away, he then goes to Lou's apartment where he ummm.... consoles Lou's grieving daughter Marion.
STARRING: Anyka Aiseiri, Ali Lancrae and Talisker Braveheart

So how did Lou Nathanson die?  We would assume an illness or old age, but is that really what killed him??  That's what chapter 1.5 is for!!!  

 Click "Read more" for the x-rated stills

 No I'm not going to give away what killed him or why in the movie stills, that is why you have to watch the movie!!!

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