Thursday, June 4, 2015

Awakening, Intergalactic SLUTS (S1E1)

The Movie

An erotic space series, set 116 years in the future.

The crew of the E.S.F. Intergalactic SLUTS have been in Cryo sleep for 6 years and are about to awaken.
One of the side effects of Mega Light Speed is a loss of inhibitions, the side effect of cryo sleep is an increased libido, so combined we should have been prepared for what was about to happen when we awoke from such a long sleep!!

STARRING:  Miss Emily, Sandy Miggins, Zoey Winsmore, Erin Cedarbridge, Anyka Aiséirí, Racheal Rexen and Cream Release.
(Run time: 22 minutes) over 15 minutes of hardcore sex

Also available on: Xtube, XVideos, SlutLoad, Naughty Machinima, YouPorn  PornHub

FINALLY!! Seems like we been planning, working on sets, picking a cast, getting uniforms adjusted and all that for the last 5 month, but it's finally here!!! The editing took about twice as long than usually but I learned a few things and Episode 2 will be much easier!!

I can't say enough about the cast they all did fantastic, adjusting uniforms, taking pictures and of course on set, true professionals!! Nearly everything went perfect other than some frustration with poses.

As a director you have in your mind what you want to film and how, so during a shoot you can tell if your movie is going to be good or bad!! Lighting isn't right, poses not working, cast not paying attention, time slipping away, hair not right, FPS sucking, really any number of things, but you do your best and hope that in editing you can make up for these problems.

In this movie there was none of that, other than a few poses it was perfect, and everything ran smoothly.I originally planned to make 5 depending how they went we would do 10, we are going to do 10.... at least!!!

In episode 2 we will tell more about each character, what has happened in the last 116 years and of course fill it full of erotic action.
Episode 3 we arrive at Kepler-22b
Episode 4 we add a main cast member, who will it be?? (she has already be selected so please no IM's of "pick me")


  1. Wows!! Really looks awesome.. I love it!!

  2. I really love how you told the story with the computer. The movie is absolutely fantastic, love every moment !!!

  3. It came out great, Emily, and it was fun to shoot. Thank you.

  4. Awe, Thank you!!!
    This series has been so much fun, I love not having the confines of the dialog that Succubus and LWS had, we can do whatever we want and tell the bits that are needed on the computer screen. I don't really like reading with a movie, but with todays video games each mission or whatever, you have to do a little reading, and that is where I came up with the computer screen idea from.

  5. I think using the computer to tell the story worked really well! I can't wait to see how the episodes come out! :)